Careers with UA Local 32


Joining UA Local 32

Membership in United Association Local 32 has many far-reaching benefits to individuals, businesses and communities. When you join Local 32 you gain access to training, employment, health insurance and much more.

Plumbers, pipefitters and refrigeration mechanics, what would you be willing to pay to have the following:

  • Access to a nationwide job location service for pipe trades workers with over 100 local 10,000 national union mechanical contractors.
  • Access to a nationwide health insurance plan for you and your family. Paid for by your employer at no cost to you.
  • Access to a nationwide pension plan for you and your family. Fully funded by your employer at no cost to you.
  • Access to skill upgrade programs, from code upgrades to medical gas certifications, funded by your employers.
  • Access to training in workers rights under law, such as:
    • National Labor Relations Act
    • Fair Labor Standards Act
    • Occupational Safety and Health Act
    • Davis-Bacon Act
    • Workers Compensation, and
    • Unemployment Securities Act
  • Access to methods to secure higher wages from your present employer.
  • Access to dignity and respect in the workplace.

Get started: Contact the Apprenticeship Office for Joining - or Organizing Department if already an experienced Journeyman.