Joining UA Local 32

If you are currently working in the Plumbing or HVAC/R industry & would like to apply for a position with Local 32 please forward a resume to the organizing department or call us.
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Local 32 is a member of the United Association of Plumbers and HVAC/R service mechanics. We are always looking for qualified individuals who would like to join our membership.

Zac Smith (HVAC)
425-277-6680 ext.154 - office

Chris Hawes (HVAC)
425-277-6680 ext.160 - office

Antonio Cruz (Plumbers)
425-277-6680 ext. 163 - office

Brad Moore (Plumbers)
425-277-6680 ext. 119 - office

Training Center+

We believe an apprentice’s success is a three-legged stool:  personal, financial and professional. Our superior training system prepares apprentices to manage these areas in school, at work, and in life. As a result, we cultivate the most competitive and competent mechanics in the piping industry.

Wages + Benefits+


  • Wages up to $59.41 taxable (varies by trade)


  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Training and education opportunities
  • Up to three retirement plans (varies by trade)
  • Vacation pay (varies by trade)
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