This page is dedicated to all those members who are no longer with us but will always be remembered for their service.

Oh God, Who has called hence the souls of our brothers and sisters who have departed this life, You alone knowest the secret of each heart, with all its trials, sorrows, and temptations; we beseech Thee to have mercy upon them, and also upon all those, our brothers and sisters, who have gone previously. Pardon each sin that they have committed and give them rest, light and peace in the everlasting Kingdom; all of this we beg through you our God and Savior.

Date Name Trade Years Info
2024-06-09Brother William D. GurnettBT Journeyman Plumber54
2024-05-28Brother Donald W. Woods, SrBT Journeyman Plumber69
2024-05-19Brother James BakerBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2024-04-07Brother Bruce BottingBT Journeyman Plumber69
2024-03-31Brother Frederick NormanMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter10
2024-03-24Brother John P. PriggerBT Journeyman Steamfitter55
2024-03-17Brother Robert TimsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter71
2024-02-04Brother David JensenBT Journeyman Refrigeration26
2024-01-22Brother Charles MajorsBT Journeyman Steamfitter48
2024-01-09Brother Thomas E. CopelandBT Journeyman Steamfitter56
2024-01-06Brother Toni WollBT Journeyman Steamfitter59
2024-01-01Brother Arthur StoutenbergBT Journeyman Plumber55
2023-12-28Brother Clifford Lawrence AngusBT Journeyman Plumber28
2023-12-06Brother David RobertsBT Journeyman Plumber69
2023-11-26Brother Steven SayresBT Journeyman Fitter20Icon: PDF File
2023-11-06Brother Timothy StrongBT Journeyman Plumber54
2023-10-17Brother Gary StewartMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter55
2023-10-01Brother Glenn GrahamDT Utility Worker8
2023-09-30Brother Neal ButterbrodtBT Journeyman Plumber23Icon: PDF File
2023-09-26Brother James BoykinBT Journeyman Steamfitter5
2023-09-05Brother Branden AnthonyBT Journeyman Refrigeration7
2023-09-01Brother Gary L. StoneBT Journeyman Steamfitter56
2023-08-22Brother Karl LechnerBT Journeyman Refrigeration59
2023-07-22Brother Robert Stoutenberg, Sr.BT Journeyman Plumber55
2023-07-15Brother Monroe NimleyBT Apprentice Steamfitter2
2023-07-09Brother Jack ZielsdorfBT Journeyman Fitter62
2023-06-16Brother Duane AinsworthMT Journeyman Gas Fitter35
2023-05-24Brother James M. JonesBT Journeyman Plumber57
2023-05-09Brother Thomas J. MoranBT Journeyman Plumber66
2023-05-08Brother James A. JordanBT Journeyman Plumber40
2023-05-05Brother Gary SchweersBT Journeyman Steamfitter57
2023-04-19Brother Miklos KoharyBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2023-04-11Brother Robert Davy IIBT Journeyman Refrigeration24
2023-03-23Brother Albert SantoraBT Journeyman Plumber75
2023-03-15Brother Kerry CallisonBT Journeyman Plumber24
2023-02-23Brother H. Parker WhiteBT Journeyman Steamfitter73
2023-02-11Brother Daniel FarrellBT Journeyman Pipeline52
2023-01-27Brother Kenneth FandrichBT Journeyman Steamfitter19
2023-01-24Brother Larry SavellBT Journeyman Steamfitter53
2022-12-15Brother Lonny BoydBT Journeyman Steamfitter55
2022-12-13Brother Michael SkougeBT Journeyman Steamfitter64
2022-12-06Brother Richard McFarlinBT Journeyman Steamfitter51
2022-11-29Brother Elmer ParksBT Journeyman Plumber67
2022-11-14Brother Richard DelkBT Journeyman Plumber26
2022-11-12Brother Merril McCartyBT Journeyman Plumber56
2022-11-04Brother William WilesBT Journeyman Steamfitter63
2022-10-30Brother Steward WellsBT Journeyman Refrigeration55
2022-10-14Brother Kenneth KennedyBT Journeyman Plumber26
2022-10-13Brother Donald W. Woods, Jr.BT Journeyman Plumber45
2022-10-02Brother Philip PhilipBT Journeyman Pipeline56
2022-09-29Brother Daniel BonellBT Journeyman Plumber41Icon: PDF File
2022-09-04Brother Dennis BorupBT Journeyman Plumber22
2022-07-20Brother Thomas CovilleBT Journeyman Steamfitter25
2022-07-03Brother Nels Nelson, Jr.MT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter43
2022-07-03Brother Robert AlmquistBT Journeyman Plumber69
2022-06-12Brother Steven BaischMT Journeyman School District29
2022-06-03Brother Ryk VanDeHeeBT Journeyman Plumber52
2022-05-29Brother Charles WilmottBT Journeyman Refrigeration40
2022-05-12Brother Enos MowattMT Journeyman Water Department2
2022-05-12Brother William L. StoneBT Journeyman Steamfitter45
2022-05-02Brother Edmond Bruggman, Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter65
2022-05-01Brother Adolphus Mines, Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter47
2022-04-15Brother Edward (TED) HuffBT Journeyman Plumber40
2022-04-06Brother Wayne StobieBT Journeyman Plumber3
2022-03-27Brother Max ColeBT Journeyman Plumber53
2022-03-26Brother Stacy DeRouenBT Journeyman Steamfitter6
2022-03-26Brother Roger FischerBT Journeyman Plumber65
2022-03-24Brother Theodore HargravesBT Journeyman Steamfitter50
2022-03-08Brother Joseph WheatleyBT Journeyman Steamfitter64
2022-03-04Brother Carlisle PhillipsBT Journeyman Steamfitter19Icon: PDF File
2022-02-14Brother Walter Greenhouse, SR. BT Journeyman Plumber62
2022-02-14Brother Mike EnglishBT Journeyman Plumber22
2022-01-28Brother Stanton HightowerMT Journeyman Water Department8Icon: PDF File
2022-01-23Brother Sean McKinstryBT Journeyman Plumber6Icon: PDF File
2022-01-17Brother Choyce MoonMT Journeyman Water Department7
2022-01-02Brother William "Randy" AllenBT Journeyman Steamfitter43
2021-12-15Brother John SchneiderBT Journeyman Steamfitter65
2021-12-13Brother Mark GreinerBT Journeyman Plumber13
2021-12-11Brother Christopher StantonBT Journeyman Plumber23
2021-12-03Brother Steve GauthunBT Journeyman Steamfitter44
2021-11-25Brother Gerald BreseeBT Journeyman Steamfitter52
2021-11-22Brother Carl BlackburnBT Journeyman Plumber69
2021-11-13Brother Richard (Dick) Powers BT Journeyman Plumber74
2021-11-13Brother Blaine IvanoffDIV Utility Worker Helper3
2021-11-05Brother Joseph BernadelliBT Journeyman Plumber60
2021-11-02Brother Carl DavidBT Journeyman Steamfitter55
2021-10-15Brother Shawn SharpeBT Journeyman Steamfitter13
2021-10-13Brother Donald BestBT Journeyman Steamfitter53
2021-10-12Brother Buddy LeufkensBT Journeyman Plumber58
2021-09-29Brother Byron BocknessBT Journeyman Steamfitter40
2021-09-19Brother Mark AdamsBT Journeyman Steamfitter5
2021-09-16Brother Arne GunnestadBT Journeyman Plumber59
2021-09-04Brother David FairburnBT Journeyman Refrigeration39
2021-08-25Brother Franklin DownsBT Journeyman Steamfitter40
2021-08-18Brother Warner NelsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter63
2021-08-03Brother Larry MatthewsBT Journeyman Steamfitter37
2021-07-11Brother Pat HigginsBT Journeyman Refrigeration6
2021-07-04Brother Booker T. WashingtonBT Journeyman Steamfitter49
2021-06-18Brother Ray WesterBT Journeyman Plumber65
2021-06-09Brother Garry WagnerBT Journeyman Steamfitter52
2021-05-02Brother LeRoy BirkholzMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman65
2021-04-17Brother Patrick ScottBT Journeyman Steamfitter22
2021-04-14Brother James McAllasterBT Journeyman Plumber56
2021-04-09Brother Ronald BurgessBT Journeyman Steamfitter65
2021-04-09Brother Ronald SternodBT Journeyman Plumber37
2021-03-08Brother Travis BingisserBT Journeyman Steamfitter24
2021-03-06Brother Fred JunMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman42
2021-03-05Brother John RYAN HARPERBT Journeyman Plumber23
2021-02-27Brother Richard DominguezMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman51
2021-02-21Brother Carlos TorresBT Journeyman Plumber4
2021-01-25Brother Stuart CorkumBT Journeyman Steamfitter39
2021-01-24Brother Raymond FranksBT Journeyman Plumber73
2021-01-20Brother Ronald OlsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2020-12-21Brother Michael HigginsBT Journeyman Refrigeration40
2020-12-20Brother Sean PaulDIV MES TECH1
2020-12-16Brother Jonathan HetzelMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman12
2020-12-09Brother Ronald WoodsBT Journeyman Steamfitter61
2020-12-09Brother Marc ToledoMT Gas Fitter20
2020-12-05Brother Sicino "John" Apigo, JrMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman45
2020-12-01Brother Don HarrellDIV Gas Distribution65
2020-11-29Brother Daniel SawyerBT Journeyman Plumber64
2020-11-25Brother Ronald Draney, SRBT Journeyman Plumber60
2020-11-17Brother James RackleyMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman52
2020-10-23Brother Anton GustinBT Journeyman Plumber51
2020-10-19Brother Paul MeredithBT Journeyman Steamfitter74
2020-10-10Brother Roland PetersonBT Journeyman Plumber73
2020-09-29Brother Ernst BertschiBT Journeyman Plumber66
2020-09-25Brother Fred FreundBT Journeyman Steamfitter63
2020-09-25Brother Milton TanggardBT Journeyman Plumber68
2020-09-14Brother John RambowBT Journeyman Plumber13
2020-08-22Brother Michael Norman JonesBT Journeyman Steamfitter51
2020-08-19Brother Fred PanteleeffBT Journeyman Plumber61
2020-08-18Brother Kenneth RayBT Journeyman Plumber52
2020-08-15Brother Walter PetersonBT Journeyman Plumber74
2020-08-06Brother Mathias (MJ) CourtneyBT Journeyman Gas Fitter47
2020-08-04Brother Warren BeanBT Journeyman Plumber56
2020-07-17Brother Logan McClintonBT Apprentice Steamfitter1
2020-07-15Brother Jack MossBT Journeyman Plumber64Icon: PDF File
2020-07-15Brother Ronald KvingeBT Journeyman Refrigeration42
2020-07-14Brother Daniel NaslundBT Pipeline Journeyman51
2020-07-14Brother Alberto RamosBT Journeyman Plumber22
2020-07-11Brother William TibbattsBT Journeyman Plumber65
2020-06-16Brother Michael ArnotBT Journeyman Plumber4
2020-06-01Brother Robert OwensBT Journeyman Steamfitter63
2020-05-31Brother Richard MoranBT Journeyman Plumber53
2020-05-26Brother Daniel O'HernBT Journeyman Plumber20
2020-05-26Brother Daniel DuncanBT Journeyman Plumber51
2020-05-19Brother Robert E. ParkerBT Journeyman Plumber68
2020-04-21Brother Wayne BinkleyMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman34
2020-04-17Brother Stanley PorterDIV MES TECH21
2020-04-16Brother Joseph MilesBT Journeyman Steamfitter38
2020-03-15Brother Peter LowmanBT Journeyman Steamfitter62
2020-02-20Brother Curt AmmonsGas Distribution Journeyman22
2020-02-06Brother Melvin McEntireBT Journeyman Refrigeration64
2020-01-30Brother Kent LilesBT Journeyman Steamfitter41
2020-01-16Brother Merrill C. BarberBT Journeyman Steamfitter56
2020-01-10Brother Marcus Law, Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter20
2019-12-30Brother Jason GregoryBT Journeyman Plumber3Icon: PDF File
2019-12-28Brother Mike MasonerBT Journeyman Plumber19Icon: PDF File
2019-12-28Brother Paul McLainBT Journeyman Steamfitter22Icon: PDF File
2019-12-26Brother Donald LeonardBT Journeyman Steamfitter60
2019-12-18Brother Robert L. BrooksBT Journeyman Plumber53
2019-12-16Brother Park SenterBT Journeyman Plumber2
2019-10-31Brother Larry ScudderBT Journeyman Steamfitter45
2019-10-17Brother Victor StockingBT Journeyman Plumber60
2019-10-17Brother John NissenBT Journeyman Plumber55
2019-10-07Brother Matthew LockwoodBT Journeyman Refrigeration4
2019-09-25Brother Lon SchankelBT Journeyman Gas Fitter40
2019-08-18Brother Leslie (Les) BaloghBT Journeyman Steamfitter59
2019-08-17Brother William DearminBT Journeyman Refrigeration62
2019-08-17Brother Chandler FrittsBT Steamfitter Apprentice1Icon: PDF File
2019-08-06Brother Richard RynningBT Journeyman Refrigeration32
2019-07-21Brother Craig WetzelBT Journeyman Refrigeration35Icon: PDF File
2019-07-17Brother Kenneth DulaneyBT Journeyman Refrigeration52
2019-07-16Brother Won HanBT Journeyman Steamfitter41
2019-07-16Brother Louis ShapleyBT Journeyman Refrigeration22
2019-07-14Brother Gene HoukMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman37
2019-06-29Brother Edward T. JohnsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter51
2019-06-26Brother Roland VasquezBT Journeyman Steamfitter18
2019-05-25Brother William P. GilbertBT Journeyman Steamfitter67
2019-05-17Brother Sam ElwickBT Journeyman Steamfitter18Icon: PDF File
2019-05-15Brother Gary LauerBT Journeyman Plumber56
2019-05-11Brother Lonnie SaisslinMT Marine Pipefitter Journeyman45Icon: PDF File
2019-04-29Brother Simoni TeuliloMT Journeyman Water Department25
2019-03-09Brother Willie K. DuhonBT Journeyman Plumber14Icon: PDF File
2019-03-08Brother Charles "Chuck" SmytheBT Journeyman Plumber67Icon: PDF File
2019-03-05Brother James D. KennedyBT Journeyman Steamfitter35
2019-03-04Brother Gerald "Gary" BelvillBT Journeyman Plumber52
2019-03-02Brother Gary L. MillerBT Journeyman Steamfitter43
2019-01-14Brother Matthew ScrivensBT Journeyman Plumber12
2019-01-10Brother Clarence StoneBT Journeyman Steamfitter60Icon: PDF File
2019-01-05Brother John ScollardBT Journeyman Steamfitter68
2019-01-04Brother Leonard Hardman Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter32
2018-11-17Brother Wendell HicksBT Journeyman Refrigeration43
2018-11-10Brother Francis "Butch" Goerig IIIBT Journeyman Refrigeration47
2018-11-07Brother James ArvanBT Journeyman Steamfitter70
2018-10-27Brother Billy CumminsBT Journeyman Plumber55
2018-10-19Brother Leroy CytracekBT Journeyman Plumber60
2018-10-12Brother Frank RadfordBT Journeyman Plumber67
2018-10-08Brother John ValliantBT Journeyman Refrigeration18
2018-09-23Brother Skylar QuiggBT Journeyman Steamfitter9
2018-09-01Brother Howard A. Powers BT Journeyman Pipefitter73Icon: PDF File
2018-08-11Brother Jack A. JensenBT Journeyman Refrigeration55
2018-07-27Brother George ToddBT Journeyman Pipefitter 70
2018-06-24Brother Keith McLainBT Journeyman Steamfitter37
2018-06-20Brother Robert RothnieBT Journeyman Steamfitter71
2018-06-17Brother Delaven RichardsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter67
2018-05-25Brother Ralph RickerMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter36
2018-04-18Brother Charles GraybealBT Pipeline Journeyman65
2018-04-01Brother John BingisserBT Journeyman Steamfitter55Icon: PDF File
2018-03-24Brother Richard SramekBT Journeyman Steamfitter49
2018-03-11Brother Brendon SimmonsMT Residential Plumber Apprentice1
2018-03-03Brother Dennis SampsonBT Journeyman Plumber15
2018-02-24Brother Donald McLeodMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter35
2018-02-22Brother Gary GauthunBT Journeyman Steamfitter50
2018-01-20Brother Gary PerfectBT Journeyman Plumber50
2018-01-01Brother Leon DeignanBT Journeyman Refrigeration59
2017-12-29Brother Joy V. StensonBT Journeyman Steamfitter52
2017-12-14Brother James MoenBT Journeyman Plumber45
2017-11-28Brother Heinz RitterBT Journeyman Steamfitter51
2017-11-27Brother Ronald SchultzBT Journeyman Steamfitter50Icon: PDF File
2017-11-14Brother William FentonBT Journeyman Plumber46
2017-11-12Brother Gordon GagnonBT Journeyman Plumber58
2017-10-22Brother Nicholas SohaBT Helper Pipeline4
2017-10-22Brother Elliot HaddonBT Journeyman Plumber18
2017-10-19Brother Roy WesterBT Journeyman Steamfitter57
2017-08-18Brother Terry McGowanBT Joureyman Steamfitter54
2017-07-31Brother Albert WickerBT Journeyman Plumber68
2017-06-21Brother Robert Pemble, Sr.BT Journeyman Plumber53
2017-06-19Brother Henry DeleestBT Journeyman Plumber53
2017-05-31Brother John L. JohnsonMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter56
2017-05-24Brother Robert HedmanBT Journeyman Plumber72
2017-05-20Brother Dean RobertsDivisional Gas Distribution Journeyman20
2017-05-17Brother Thomas Ford, Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter56
2017-05-14Brother Stephen PrangerBT Journeyman Plumber41
2017-05-06Brother John MychayloBT Journeyman Plumber3
2017-04-11Brother John WaltersMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter47
2017-03-19Brother Curtis OlsonBT Pipeline Helper27
2017-03-04Brother Gordon LandsmanBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2017-02-23Brother Glenn LampertBT Journeyman Steamfitter48
2017-02-06Brother Joseph CarlMT Marine Pipefitter Helper34
2017-01-24Brother Dick OlsonBT Journeyman Refrigeration55Icon: PDF File
2017-01-23Brother Richard MecarteaBT Journeyman Plumber68
2017-01-08Brother Raymond ColeBT Journeyman Refrigeration61Icon: PDF File
2016-12-29William Gene Judevine, JrBT Journeyman Plumber7
2016-12-21Brother Doug R. LindbladBT Journeyman Steamfitter19
2016-12-16Brother Robert RainesBT Journeyman Steamfitter57
2016-09-11Brother James SimperBT Journeyman Plumber61
2016-09-09Brother William ZornesBT Journeyman Steamfitter49
2016-08-31Brother Jeffrey C. WilkesBT Journeyman Plumber46
2016-08-22Brother Ronald BeanBT Journeyman Plumber64
2016-08-02David H McFaddenMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter1
2016-07-26Brother Al WoidaBT Journeyman Steamfitter34
2016-06-27Brother Sidney ColtrinBT Journeyman Steamfitter Welder38
2016-06-23Brother James FohrmanBT Journeyman Plumber65
2016-06-16Brother Gary GarnerBT Journeyman Plumber53
2016-06-03Brother Ward CaseBT Journeyman Gas Fitter40
2016-05-21Brother Richard BevenBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2016-04-10Brother Paul CalvertMT Journeyman Housing Plumber10
2016-03-06Brother R. Kevin BanisterGD Journeyman Gas Distribution19
2016-02-26Brother Kenneth HenleyBT Journeyman Steamfitter57
2016-02-24Brother Robert J. McCulleyBT Journeyman Refrigeration17
2016-02-16Brother Robert Van HoytMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter37
2016-02-11Brother Paul LagroneBT Journeyman Steamfitter67
2016-02-10Brother William E ThompsonMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter34
2016-02-03Brother Edward GableBT Journeyman Plumber65
2016-01-30Brother John W. BaldwinBT Journeyman Steamfitter61
2016-01-22Brother James MeucciBT Journeyman Refrigeration60Icon: PDF File
2016-01-13Brother Ralph E. LewisBT Journeyman Plumber54
2016-01-08Brother Al SextonBT Journeyman Plumber61Icon: PDF File
2015-12-24Brother Paul GrecoBT Journeyman Plumber60
2015-12-20Brother Robert CooperBT Journeyman Plumber49
2015-12-18Brother Henry DickersonMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter50
2015-11-18Brother Sidney FoystonBT Journeyman Steamfitter76
2015-11-12Brother George HetheringtonBT Journeyman Steamfitter65Icon: PDF File
2015-11-06Brother Brian W. EastonBT Journeyman Plumber34
2015-10-02Brother Curtis A. BottingBT Journeyman Plumber57
2015-09-12Brother Bertil CarlsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter75
2015-08-20Brother Timothy CarrollBT Journeyman Plumber46
2015-08-03Brother Robert A. CarlsonDIV Journeyman Gas Distribution45
2015-08-01Brother Jeffrey M DaleBT Journeyman Plumber 6
2015-07-15Brother Reese R. BreenBT Journeyman Steamfitter60
2015-05-30Brother Warren W GregoryMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter 57
2015-05-19Brother Roger M GriffithBT Journeyman Plumber 63
2015-05-14Brother George O WellsBT Journeyman Plumber 55
2015-05-10Brother Victor B ChalcraftBT Journeyman Plumber67
2015-02-23Brother Dennis M BurnsBT Journeyman Steamfitteer55Icon: PDF File
2015-02-06Brother Jimmie C EldridgeBT Journeyman Steamfitter53
2015-02-03Brother Peter J PleogerBT Journeyman Plumber25Icon: PDF File
2015-01-20Brother John McAlees, Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter31Icon: PDF File
2015-01-18Brother Meredith A. TillmanBT Journeyman Steamfitter7Icon: PDF File
2015-01-14Brother Kris M MickelsonMT Journeyman Gas Fitter57
2015-01-13Brother Ronald L. MurphyMTJourneyman Marine Pipefitter33Icon: PDF File
2015-01-09Brother Johnnie T. LammBT Journeyman Pipefitter48
2015-01-04Brother Ricky AryBT Journeyman Pipefitter37
2015-01-03Brother William Bogue, Jr.BT Journeyman Plumber62
2014-11-26Brother Morrie OlsenBT Journeyman Refrigeration46
2014-11-07Brother Francis EbertBT Journeyman Plumber67
2014-10-16Brother James F. McCunnBT Journeyman Plumber50
2014-10-07Brother Harland E. KirkBT Journeyman Plumber59
2014-10-03Brother John O\'BrienBT Journeyman Steamfitter74
2014-08-21Brother Douglas K. GregoryBT Journeyman Plumber7
2014-08-18Brother Kenneth L. ReynoldsBT Journeyman Steamfitter50
2014-08-08Brother David J. BosankoBT Journeyman Refrigeration20
2014-07-18Brother Donald R. StewartBT Journeyman Steamfitter Welder48
2014-07-12Brother Loren A. FisherBT Journeyman Refrigeration 16
2014-07-07Brother Bert M. GoeBT Journeyman Plumber68
2014-05-22Brother Gerald A. JohnsonBT Journeyman Steamfitter43Icon: PDF File
2014-05-14Brother Floyd D. TremmelBT Journeyman Plumber49
2014-04-17Brother Andrew J. SmithBT Apprentice Plumber 7
2014-04-10Brother Porter F. BanksMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter48
2014-03-31Brother R. Allen LorentzenBT Journeyman Plumber 73
2014-03-31Brother William K. JohansonBT Journeyman Plumber 57
2014-03-12Brother Richard E. CraigMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter54
2014-03-10Brother James M. TuttyBT Journeyman Steamfitter48
2014-02-26Brother James KarlinBT Journeyman Steamfitter Welder50Icon: PDF File
2014-02-22Brother Donald M. SpikerMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter35
2014-02-04Brother Patrick M. ThompsonMT Helper Marine Pipefitter47
2014-01-28Brother Dennis H. TaylorBT Journeyman Plumber 40
2013-11-30Brother William GoldsberryBT Journeyman Plumber 15Icon: PDF File
2013-11-29Brother Thomas A. PopeBT Plumber Journeyman16
2013-11-22Brother Russell H. ClarkBT Journeyman Plumber 64
2013-10-17Brother Arden Lee DideonMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter53Icon: PDF File
2013-09-30Brother Stacy D. White BT Journeyman Steamfitter 16
2013-09-10Brother Lawrence P. Boos BT Refrigeration 36
2013-09-02Brother James R. GravesBT Journeyman Steamfitter47
2013-08-21Brother Gordon L. HapperBT Journeyman Steamfitter44
2013-08-13Brother Wesley A. PapworthMT Journeyman Marine Pipefitter48
2013-08-12Brother Richard M. EnglishBT Journeyman Steamfitter13
2013-07-08Brother Donald D. GaskillBT Journeyman Pipefitter46
2013-06-16Brother John C. FitzgeraldBT Journeyman Steamfitter60
2013-06-07Brother Loren D. ColeBT Journeyman Gasfitter33
2013-05-05Brother William B. CaldwellBT Journeyman Plumber61
2013-04-22Brother Charles C BrennerBT Journeyman Plumber57
2013-04-19Brother Frank E Wilcox, Jr.BT Journeyman Plumber54
2013-04-15Brother George E. WilliamsBT Journeyman Plumber48
2013-04-09Brother Douglas E. RogersBT Journeyman Plumber54
2013-04-08Brother David F Kinman, JrBT Journeyman Plumber31
2013-04-05Brother Hugh W. McFarlaneBT Journeyman Plumber65
2013-03-31Brother Gerald D. MillerBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2013-03-13Brother Rudy W. HeinoBT Journeyman Plumber65
2013-01-27Brother Karl W DaviesBT Journeyman Plumber13
2013-01-10Brother Arthur R ThomasBT Journeyman Plumber35
2013-01-06Brother Barry L GarmanBT Journeyman Pipefitter35
2012-12-21Brother Percy B MajorBT Journeyman Steamfitter21
2012-12-05Brother Paul J GiblerBT Journeyman Plumber17
2012-12-04Brother Michael W PerryBT Journeyman Steamfitter44
2012-11-27Brother David F Kinman, SrBT Journeyman Plumber54
2012-11-18Brother William R StevensonBT Journeyman Steamfitter 66
2012-11-10Brother Thomas K McCarrollBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2012-10-22Brother John A FestaBT Journeyman Plumber48
2012-10-22Brother John K StewartBT Journeyman Steamfitter46
2012-10-22Brother Jesse D LeaMasterBT Journeyman Plumber63
2012-10-21Brother Richard EglandBT Journeyman Steamfitter71
2012-10-16Brother Frank B CarrollBT Journeyman Steamfitter65
2012-10-13Brother Todd L HawkinsBT Jouyrneyman Steamfitter35
2012-09-27Brother Donald A. DraperBT Journeyman Steamfitter33
2012-09-21Brother William I. AlvaresBT Journeyman Steamfitter59
2012-09-16Brother Jeffrey S. HolbrookBT Journeyman Steamfitter/Welder32
2012-09-04Brother Steven A HobbyBT Journeyman Steamfitter34
2012-07-19Brother Robert L GoodrichBT Journeyman Plumber62
2012-07-19Brother Dean D RayworthBT Journeyman Refrigeration31
2012-07-11Brother Larry L LarsonBT Journeyman Plumber42
2012-07-09Brother John A SteedBT Journeyman Pipefitter53
2012-06-26Brother Arthur J MayBT Journeyman Plumber44
2012-06-25Brother Robert StanfieldGD Journeyman Gas Distribution10
2012-06-08Brother Harry A DeckerBT Journeyman Steamfitter59
2012-06-08Brother James E HolmesBT Journeyman Steamfitter54
2012-05-05Brother William B. CaldwellBT Journeyman Plumber61
2012-04-08Brother Bernard BromleyBT Journeyman Plumber62
2012-04-04Brother George A HuntingtonBT Journeyman Steamfitter71
2012-03-22Brother Robert N FitzgeraldBT Journeyman Plumber62
2012-03-08Brother Gonzalo N PelayoBT Journeyman Steamfitter26
2012-02-20Brother James D GetchellBT Journeyman Plumber16
2012-01-19Brother Harold \"Lyle\" GriffithsBT Journeyman Plumber50
2012-01-19Brother William J KielBT Journeyman Plumber52
2012-01-13Brother John KrogstadtBT Journeyman Plumber62
2012-01-03Brother Anton P SchmidtBT Journeyman Plumber52
2012-01-01Brother Ardath W Jackson, Jr.BT Journeyman Steamfitter46
2011-12-02Brother Donald L EyfordBT Journeyman Plumber45
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